Creating a Scrapbook for Teachers

by Audrey Okaneko


It can be a lot of fun to create a scrapbook for an elementary school teacher. It’s also a great way to give the teacher photos of the kids without having 25 individual photos each school year. I have found many photo taking opportunities for teachers at the elementary level.


Often there is a class photo taken by the company taking the children’s individual photos. If a full class photo was not taken, then consider taking class photos either during computer time, during singing time, or during circle time. 


My kids each went to different schools yet I still found the same opportunities to take photos. Throughout the year, there were often verbal reports the kids did. Each child had their turn to deliver the report and parents were invited. Ask one parent from each day to take photos of each child delivering their report that day. If the teacher takes his/her own photos offer to pay the developing and then make a duplicate set to include in a scrapbook.


Each year my kids participated in either a play or a sing along. Take photos and then ask other parents to also share their photos of these performances.


Throughout the year there were parties in the classroom, always needing a parent volunteer. Ask the parent volunteers to take photos and share them with you for inclusion in the scrapbook.


Field trips also require parent volunteers. Again, ask those parents for copies of photos taken during the field trip.


If you have a music program at your school, consider adding the song lyrics from the songs learned during the year. Just copy them onto acid free paper, add a border and you’ve got a great page.


If you get the opportunity, ask each child to write a small thank you to the teacher for the great school year and add those to the scrapbook.  Those hand written messages add a wonderful touch to a gift the teacher is sure to enjoy!