Get Local SEO Nailed First Time Round

This article is ideally written for small businesses that are looking to get started with local search engine optimisation (SEO).

I would regard local SEO as a crucial step for all small businesses, both bricks and mortar stores or service businesses that want to capture customers that are within your local area and are searching online.

Having a website up and running is one thing, but optimising is the next step. It isn’t particularly difficult, simply follow the steps below to achieve online local SEO success. By optimising your business website and your business listings on other external websites such as Google My Business, Yell, Scoot and so forth, you can improve the ranking and visibility within the search engine results positions (SERPs). Ideally moving your website onto page one for relevant search terms that your potential customers will search for. If you haven’t got this basic step sorted, you are waving goodbye to potential customers and your competition will succeed.…